5 Reasons Why Workers are Quitting

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There is no doubt that what economists are referring to as the ‘Great Resignation’ has been impacting companies across the globe. Following the pandemic, millions of workers have chosen to leave their jobs in pursuit of new roles. While the fear of COVID coupled with work mandates to stop the spread may have had a factor on employee’s decisions, research indicates that only 1.43 percent of social media posts involve workers leaving their jobs due to COVID. So, what circumstances have caused workers to quit their jobs in such large proportions? Here are 5 reasons why workers have been departing from their employers:



The pandemic and all the issues extending from it has affected the mental well-being of countless workers. Many have needed to change their work style from the office to a virtual setting, and others have seen in increase in their workload do to company layoffs from the pandemic. The multiplied pressure on employees paired with the change in setting has caused large scale burnouts that have resulted in lost employees. A study on social media posts indicates that 15.75 percent of employees are suffering from burnout, which is the most prominent of all employee issues currently. To combat this problem, employers and HR teams need to be more aware of what employees are dealing with so they are not pushed too hard.

Scarcity in Career Development Opportunities

Employees want to see that their employers care for their careers. There’s no better way to show that employees are valued than to invest in them. Since the pandemic, businesses have been more focused on keeping themselves afloat and have turned their spending away from career development. Employees who do not feel that the company has their best interests in mind won’t think twice about finding somewhere that does. To keep employees engaged and offer them new opportunities, The Predictive Index® is here to help. Resources such as The Predictive Index Management Workshop™ and The Predictive Index Behavioral Assessment™ benefit employees in how they are treated and prepared for higher positions in the company.

Disconnect with Co-workers

Co-workers are vital to the retention of employees. If the people you work with have different styles of work that bring you stress, your work environment will be dysfunctional. The behavioral assessment allows employees to find their drives and needs and how they link to their co-workers. Having a team that understands each others’ strengths and weaknesses will perform well together and in turn create retention in the business.

Unhappy with Management

A U.S survey in March concluded that 75 percent of employees were unhappy with their managers. Employers are an important factor in the experience of an employee as they are responsible for much of the feedback and review. Employers who utilize the behavioral assessment can better understand how their employees need to be managed to make them more confident and satisfied. Leveraging The Predictive Index in this case can repair damaged relationships between the employer and employee, which will only help in keeping workers from leaving their positions.

Undervalued Skills and Abilities

Employees want to see their skills being applied to work that contributes to the organizations business goals. In many instances, workers aren’t given tasks that allow them to perform to their highest ability, causing them to feel less meaningful to the company. Knowing how employees operate with the behavioral assessment gives managers the opportunity to fit their employees in positions with work that hits on their strengths, optimizing their talent and giving them a sense of pride and accomplishment.

Predictive Success empowers leaders to optimize workforce performance through proven talent management methodologies, high-performing team building technology, and collected employee or potential candidate data. To learn more about how you can work with our team, please contact us today.



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