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5 Ways the Predictive Index Software can make your Life Easer

All talent and culture issues are handled by the human resources department of every company. Yet most decisions made, are based off empirical information, This makes the decision-making process incredibly frustrating with uncertain outcomes.

When companies know how to leverage analytics in their process, it becomes more actionable and impactful. Here are five ways the Predictive Index, by Certified Partner Predictive Success can help drive your organization towards success.


1. Reference Profiles:

After a thorough analysis of millions of Behavioural Assessments, the PI Science and Research Team identified 17 “Reference Profiles” that create a behavioural map for different types of people. Once you know someone’s Reference Profile, you gain insight into what their defining workplace behaviours are, how to work with them more effectively, and what kind of traps and pitfalls they have a tendency to fall into.


2. Fit-gap analysis:

A side by side analysis of your candidate in relation to the ideal profile for the job allows you to assess if your candidate is a good fit for the role, while considering company culture and team dynamics.  

3. Open Invitation Link:

Smart technology allows all your candidates to be filtered into a folder with just one link. It is easy to send, and easy to access, making the candidate experience seamless and efficient.


4. Team Work Style Analysis:

Understand the dynamics of your teams’ overall work style by examining their communication, decision making, and execution insights. By plotting each individual across four quadrants, we can uncover trends and outliers.


5. Group Analytics:

Take a big picture view of your group with analytics to compare their drives and behaviours.