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Be Bold with HR Transformation Strategies

In today’s business climate, there is a new wave of talent, and organization priorities. A shift towards a social enterprise and the increasing value of social capital is needed and drives business results. The decade-long debate on how to execute strategy itself, has turned on its rear with CEO Jeff Bezos leading the way with culture-based strategies. The results show that it is worth it to invest and transform a culture for a competitive advantage.

Enlightened Versus the Unenlightened

Companies are either leading the change or falling short. In the 2017 HR Transformation survey released by KPMG, companies were found to be in two categories; the enlightened versus the unenlightened (1). The enlightened segment has engaged in strategically managed HR transformation while the unenlightened chose the path of least resistance. Although that may be an easier choice short-term, it sets companies on a risky trajectory as they fall behind on new technologies and intelligent automation.

Take your organization from unenlighted to enlightened with the Predictive Index suite. Managers can leverage data analytics to predict and coach their people. Our solutions can be tailored to take any organization from hire to inspire, giving companies the confidence in the face of uncertainty.

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