Bridging the Gender Gap with Predictive Analytics

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Bridging the Gender Gap with Predictive Analytics

Even in 2018, women remain significantly underrepresented in corporate North America.  According to a McKinsey study on “Women in the Workforce”, fewer women are hired for entry-level positions and representation of women continues to decline as you move up the corporate pipeline (only 21% of C-suite positions were held by women in 2017).  This is despite women being 57% of recent college graduates and having similar aspirations to become senior-level executives as men

[i].  Unequal workforce representation can be attributed to the cognitive biases and discriminatory practices that exist in recruitment, selection and promotion practices.  Evidently, companies need to do more and commit to achieving an equitable workplace.

The Business Case

Programs designed to ensure fairness do not just benefit women; they benefit everyone.  An equitable workplace can improve company image, organizational culture and have a positive impact on your bottom line.  Another McKinsey study examined 366 public companies worldwide and found that companies in the top-quartile for diversity in the workplace perform 15-35% better than their respective industry averages[i].  Eliminating bias and discrimination attracts top-talent to your company and allows the best performers to rise to the top, regardless of demographic.  Diversity at all levels of your organization leads to stronger business results.

Eliminating Bias with Analytics

Using data to make decisions in the workplace; especially in recruitment, selection and promotion, allows for objectivity in the decision-making process.  This results in an elimination of biases and ultimately, a more effective decision being made.  In a digital age where we have the tools to make effective, data-driven decisions, it is surprising that gender representation in the workplace is still a problem. Companies should take advantage of tools like the Predictive Index Behavioural Assessment™, delivered by PI certified partner Predictive Success.  The Predictive Index Behavioural Assessment™ is a software that can use data to objectively identify behavioural traits in candidates that will fit with the role and the company’s organizational culture.

To learn more about what Predictive Success can do to help your organization achieve an equitable workplace, contact us.



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