EHRC awards Leader of the Year to Rob Lister, CEO of Oakville Enterprises

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EHRC awards Leader of the Year to Rob Lister, CEO of Oakville Enterprises

 TORONTO — On February 21, 2019, Electricity Human Resources Canada (EHRC) held its annual awards ceremony in Toronto. The awards night celebrates impactful leaders who are working at the forefront of Canada’s electricity sector.

Of all the awards, perhaps the most important is the Leader of the Year award, which was presented to Rob Lister, President and CEO of Oakville Enterprises Corporation (OEC). For over 37 years, Rob has been recognized by his peers for his extraordinary accomplishments in the energy industry and his innovative approach to leadership.

With Rob at the company’s forefront, OEC is a leading energy and infrastructure services organization that operates throughout the Ontario region. The company offers a dynamic and effective portfolio of businesses specializing in Electricity Distribution, Infrastructure Services, Energy Services, and Generation.

Under the nurturing guidance of Rob, OEC has been able to rapidly scale its services to include over seventeen business that collectively house more than 1 100 employees. During his tenure as CEO, Rob has tripled the company’s revenues, a significant feat resulting from Rob’s tireless and impressive leadership efforts.

Predictive Success has had the fortunate opportunity to partner with OEC over the years, working with Rob and his company to hire the best possible employees. We would like to congratulate Rob on a well-deserved recognition and are grateful to be able to play a small part in his repeated success.

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