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The expectations of employees have changed post-pandemic. Items that once were considered privileges, like flexible schedules, are now being viewed as necessities. Many business leaders are recognizing that providing a positive experience for their employees involves adapting to new trends in employee wants. They have also understood the importance of the employee experience, with 78% of HR leaders agreeing that employee experience is one of the most prominent factors effecting their reach on key business objectives in the coming years. With all the changes in work style, especially in digital transformation, it is vital for employers to get on top of the employee experience and develop a strategy that will implement effective experiences for their employees.

Here are some of the key aspects that are driving trends in employee experience:


Remote working has become more and more of a reality as a long-term workstyle. Employees expect opportunities to remain at home, even for many years to come. Improving the experiences of remote workers involves enabling them to work with minimal disadvantages from not being in the office. This means that data and other resources need to be transitioned to empower the digital workforce. Another important aspect is acknowledging the differences in communication. It’s not as easy to notice an employee’s stress from large workloads, so employers need to check in and administer resources to aid those that could potentially have a mental burnout. This acknowledgment also comes with letting employees work on their own schedules so that they can produce their best work.

Effective Communication

Employees don’t want the lack of authenticity that comes with face-less communication. While emails will always be a main form of communication, employers can look to add other platforms that help create a more personable environment for employees. Video platforms such as Zoom have gained popularity since the pandemic, with new features that allow for quick face-to-face scheduling and integrating with other business platforms. Social media has proven its worth, with companies enabling chats and posts to promote conversation within the organization. Having regular meeting slots for online groups to chat keeps employees up to date and shows them that their experience is cared for.


Communal Values

With societal debates intensifying, employees want to see their values represented in the workplace. Studies indicate that 75% of employees expect their employers to take a stance on cultural issues. To meet the wishes of their employees, employers should look to establish opportunities for employees to show their beliefs on these issues in the workplace. Allowing a space for issues to be addressed constitutes growth and gives employees a better sense of belonging.

More Connections

There is always a need to find more ways to connect employees and strengthen the virtual environment in which many work. The first step in this process is to create a people agenda aligned with a business agenda, so that both the objectives and the experiences of the employees can be weighed in on. The Predictive Index® can help make this happen. By harnessing the power of people data, PI develops a path for companies to link the behaviors and values of their employees with the business aims. Through newly updated technologies, employers have the ability to better manage their employees so that they feel more connected to the organization. The software also allows employees to better understand the behaviors of coworkers and themselves, which promotes a setting where people feel more comfortable with each other. The many benefits of PI have a profound impact on enhancing employee experience.


Predictive Success empowers leaders to optimize workforce performance through proven talent management methodologies, high-performing team building technology, and collected employee or potential candidate data. To learn more about how you can work with our team, please contact us today.



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