EventConnect’s Winning Strategy: Navigating Sports Event Technology with a 2% Employee Turnover Rate

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Navigating the fiercely competitive realm of sports event technology, EventConnect has not just embraced innovation but has also successfully addressed the task of cultivating and sustaining a winning team. Employing a visionary strategy for talent acquisition and forming a strategic alliance with The Predictive Index® via Founding Partner Predictive Success, EventConnect has accomplished an impressive 2% employee turnover rate, solidifying their standing as industry leaders.

EventConnect: A Brief Overview

Founded in 2013 with a mission to revolutionize youth sports through technology, EventConnect has evolved into a powerhouse, connecting event registration seamlessly with adaptive proprietary technology.

From accommodations to scheduling, bracketing, merchandising, and ticketing, EventConnect’s end-to-end software has set a new standard for sports event organizers. Senior Director of Operations, Sarah Dyer, has been an integral part of the company’s journey, witnessing its growth from a humble shared office space with 5 employees to a global team of over 70 professionals supporting 4,000 events annually across 800 cities and 20,000 hotels.

EventConnect’s Areas of Focus

  1. The Pivot to Remote Work and Global Talent

When the pandemic hit and remote work became the new norm, EventConnect seized the opportunity to expand its talent pool beyond geographical constraints. Sarah Dyer emphasized the importance of preserving the company’s unique culture during this transition.

  1. Leadership Evolution and Team Building

A pivotal moment for EventConnect came in 2020 when the company experienced a shift in leadership. Determined to build the best possible team, the focus turned to enhancing leadership dynamics and fostering a collaborative environment. As Sarah explained, “We want to know how to engage with our staff and help them work well together.” This commitment to team cohesion led them to explore people analytics, eventually finding the perfect match with The Predictive Index® as delivered by Founding Partner Predictive Success.

  1. Unpacking the People Journey with Predictive Success

EventConnect started by using the Predictive Index from Founding Partner Predictive Success to figure out the right people for different jobs. They set job targets to understand their talent pool and find gaps for future hires, helping leaders tell the difference between skills that can be learned and essential behaviors.

Utilizing the data across the employee lifecycle, EventConnect integrated The Predictive Index® as delivered by Founding Partner Predictive Success, into performance reviews and improvement plans.

The Game-Changing Results: 2% Employee Turnover

Armed with insights from The Predictive Index®, as delivered by Founding Partner Predictive Success, EventConnect achieved a remarkable 2% employee turnover rate. Sarah Dyer credits the success to understanding what motivates their team and using this knowledge in performance management.

  • How do they learn best?
  • How can we help them with self-reflection?

These are the questions answered by The Predictive Index® via Founding Partner Predictive Succes.

Sarah recommends that companies starting their journey with The Predictive Index® enroll their teams in training from Predictive Success Academy. “We still break out our workshop binders frequently,” she laughs, highlighting the ongoing value of the knowledge gained.

Conclusion: A Winning Strategy

EventConnect’s story is a testament to the transformative power of strategic leadership, a commitment to culture, and the invaluable insights provided by The Predictive Index®, as delivered by Founding Partner Predictive Success. As they continue to make waves in the sports event technology space, their low employee turnover stands as a testament to the success of their winning strategy.

In the dynamic arena of business, EventConnect has not only connected events but has successfully connected with its team, creating a winning formula that ensures they remain a force to be reckoned with in the years to come.

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