Evolving Tech Talent Acquisition & Retention

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Traditionally, when companies experience a talent shortage, they begin a hiring process. Though the hiring process may seem simple, it’s tedious and costly.  According to a May 2023 report from the Linux Foundation, companies are more centered on upskilling and further training for their current employees, especially in tech fields. This movement of investment in human capital rather than acquiring new talent has its benefits.

1) Fostering Employee Growth and Job Satisfaction

Companies create a culture of continuous learning and growth by investing in the development and upskilling of existing staff.

  • Many employees in firms are looking for ways to increase their skills and take on more responsibilities.
  • Employees appreciate opportunities for professional advancement, leading to increased job satisfaction and higher levels of engagement.

In short, when organizations prioritize upskilling, employees feel valued and motivated.

2) Cost-Effectiveness and ROI

Training and upskilling existing employees can be a better alternative than hiring external consultants or recruiting new talent. Investing in internal resources not only saves recruitment and onboarding costs but also maximizes the existing knowledge and expertise within the organization. Furthermore, imagine going through the hiring and onboarding process for a software engineer, and discovering their skills are subpar, and their personality clashes with those in their team. This result is incredibly costly and demoralizing for an organization, especially if it was a smaller business. Companies are better off allocating their funds towards training and upskilling programs that align with strategic business goals, resulting in a higher return on investment.

3) Enhanced Employee Loyalty and Retention

When organizations demonstrate a commitment to their employees’ professional development, it builds a sense of loyalty and commitment. Especially during times of economic hardship, when talent is hard to find, and when the workforce continues to display low levels of organizational commitment, firms should be invested in retaining talent.

  • Employees are more likely to remain with a company that invests in their career progression.
  • This stable employer-employee relationship helps businesses retain institutional knowledge and maintain continuity in operations.
  • Experienced employees possess valuable institutional knowledge that cannot be easily replaced.

By investing in their upskilling, companies ensure the preservation of this knowledge within their workforce. Retaining employees who are familiar with the organization’s systems and processes helps to minimize the disruption caused by employee turnover and prevents productivity from dropping with new hires.


The Predictive Index® as delivered by founding partner Predictive Success is a leading talent optimization platform that provides an end-to-end solution for talent management. Using a series of assessments, the platform helps businesses build strategic teams, collect, and analyze employee data, and more. The behavioural and cognitive assessments are incredibly useful for recruitment and management. The behaviorual assessments helps determine a person’s needs and motivations. Through analysis, it determines how that person is innately and whom they want to be at work. The cognitive assessment is useful in determining how quickly one can learn and process information. This is a great indicator of how long it will take new hires to become comfortable with new processes and rules. Comparing the data of these assessments with that of the job assessment drastically speeds up the recruitment process and makes it heavily data dependent. This reduces the likelihood of hiring bias and reduces the probability of turnover. Combining data from the assessments, the platform will generate management strategies for employees. These strategies provide information on how to best communicate and lead such employees. Additionally, the software greatly assists in succession planning. A commitment to efficiently managing human capital will result in better workplace morale and ultimately a better bottom line.

About Predictive Success

The Predictive Index® as delivered by founding partner Predictive Success provides leaders with the tools and expertise to maximize workforce performance through effective talent management strategies, advanced team-building technology, and comprehensive data analysis. Our proven methodologies enable organizations to harness the full potential of their employees and potential candidates, driving success and growth. If you are interested in discovering how our team can assist you in achieving your goals, we invite you to get in touch with us today. Contact us to unlock the power of talent optimization and take your organization to new heights.



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