Hiring a Millennial Workforce

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In recent hiring cycles, many employers have discovered that the values and practices of new talent has shifted. This has a great impact on an organization. Dominant cultures start to shift while sub-cultures have the possibility of emerging. Ultimately, when these changes are realized it is time for the organization to adjust.

Why the Shift?

Largely, this shift in values and practices has been associated with the new generation in the workplace: Millennials. With this generation placing more value on their personal life than work life, this group is holding employers to a higher work-life standard.

Key Trends

According to a study conducted by PwC, Millennials are placing values on areas that vastly differ from the values of Generation X. Apart from a work-life balance, Millennials are looking for more team-oriented and interesting work experiences. In addition, they seek support and appreciation from management and flexibility in their work culture.

With these key trends in mind, PwC suggests employers adopt policies and compensation packages that allow employees to self-select into benefits or work environments that provide more flexibility. It is important to provide variety to avoid stereotyping the whole generation and fitting them into one package. Other suggestions include building a sense of community in the office, providing development opportunities, and staying connected with employees especially when there are geographic limitations.

The Engagement Index

Since one size does not fit all, it important to find the pulse of your organization and understand the unique needs of your workforce. As a result, tools such as the Engagement Index are paramount in allowing you to understand the culture surrounding your organization, and subsequently transforming your culture to suit employee values and practices.

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Source: PwC, PwC’s NextGen: A Global Generational Study, 2013

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