Hiring Mistakes to Avoid in 2022

By Ian Fratarcangeli  |  

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In a recent blog from Adecco, the hiring process of many Canadian employers is put under speculation. Talent is in a scarcity during this labour crisis, creating a challenge for employers in finding qualified candidates to fill their positions. The high demand for talent has provided job seekers with leverage in being more selective of job postings. Many of the tactics employers have used in attracting potential hires are now becoming ineffective in this online-oriented environment. Should employers leave the old in the past and adopt a more modern approach to talent acquisition? Adecco’s blog highlights a list of mistaken actions by employers such as not using social media, extending the interview process too far, and not including salary/details in their job description.

Here are 5 ways in which Predictive Success supports our clients to leverage The Predictive Index to remain on top of the hiring process in a tough labour market.

  1. Creating a culture of success

Candidates interested in a position want to know that the company culture and their potential coworkers are a good fit for them. Through The Predictive Index®, applicants are assessed based on their behavioural drives and needs. Once they complete The Predictive Index Behavioral Assessment™, the report generated allow colleagues to understand what a new hire needs at work. This allows for effective collaboration with new hires. Employers can then match a hire with a work style that is most representative of their Predictive Index Reference Profile™, benefitting both the company and the employee.

  1. Qualification match

Sometimes a job posting may be presented too ambiguously, attracting a selection of candidates from all different levels of qualification. Sorting through underqualified and overqualified candidates will only lead to extra work for employers who are already having difficulties obtaining the right fit for the position. The Predictive Index Job Assessment™ allows employers to assess the behavioral and cognitive standards for a position through a 10-minute stakeholder survey, or by leveraging a job bank of thousands of prior samples. The employer can then compare the job standards to the behavioral and cognitive values of the candidates, minimizing the extra steps to determine whether the candidate is of correct qualification. The Predictive Index will combine both assessments and their comparisons into a match rating out of ten to make it easy for an employer to see how well a candidate matches the job description and standards.

  1. Time management

Job seekers don’t want to spend too much time on an application that may lead them nowhere. The Predictive Index has formulated their assessments so that they are time-efficient but remain accurate and reliable. The Predictive Index Behavioral Assessment™ takes about 6 minutes on average while the Cognitive Assessment is timed to 12 minutes, costing candidates limited time and providing employers with a strong evaluation.

  1. Interview insight and efficiency

When called in for an interview, job seekers desire a short process where they can ask their own questions. Having well formulated questions on hand is vital for an employer to conduct an interview in an efficient manner. Along with a behavioral report of the candidate, The Predictive Index provides a set of interview questions based on any behavioural misalignments with the job. These interview questions empower employers to get from point A to B in an effective and timely manner. Knowledge of the candidate from the behavioral report also enables employers to explain their organization through the lens of the candidate’s desires when faced with questions.

  1. Social media attraction

Social media has risen today to one of the most important links for public information. To be on social media is to have a new reach to millions of people who may be job searching. Predictive Success and The Predictive Index are always staying up to date and connecting the public by posting the activities of the organization. The Predictive Index offers many courses through which employers can gain a better understanding of how to operate social media in a way that attracts candidates to want to be a part of your team.

Predictive Success empowers leaders to optimize workforce performance through proven talent management methodologies, high-performing team building technology, and a data-driven approach to hiring. To learn more about how you can work with our team, please contact us today.

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