Jennifer Lahey to Speak at LGANT Conference in Yellowknife

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Jennifer Lahey to Speak at LGANT Conference in Yellowknife

Jennifer Lahey, Talent Optimization Specialist at Predictive Success, is continuing her tour of talent optimization speaking at the LGANT Conference in beautiful Yellowknife, Thursday, September 26, 2019.

The LGANT conference, (Local Government Administrators of the North West Territories), and the annual general meeting will bring together business and government leaders with the goal of developing the North West Territories.

Jennifer will be introducing talent optimization and improving hiring and retention, a valuable asset for leaders in both the private and public sphere. Jennifer’s speaking includes actionable ideas attendees can immediately implement, along with long-term ideas to create a cultural championship.

To book a dynamic and insightful speaker for your next event, reach out to Lauren Danes at Predictive Success Corporation at to book Jennifer Lahey.


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