Learn how Psychometric Testing is used in the Airline Industry

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What is Psychometric Testing? 

Psychometrics is a scientific discipline within psychology that is devoted to analyzing measurements and assessments. These tests are administered to assess the cognitive and emotional functioning of an individual.

In recent years the testing has been operated by airlines as a screening method after the application process and before the interview stage. The purpose of the assessment is to select the right candidates to serve as the cabin crew. The process is parallel to taking a behavioral assessment and a cognitive assessment that is offered by Predictive Index® as delivered by founding partner Predictive Success. The purpose of the assessments is to hire the right candidates that have the skills required for the role.

The Cognitive Function 

Several airlines have indicated that cabin crew member needs to exhibit specific traits and skills to be successful in the role. The questions in the cognitive portion of the psychometric testing examine how well a person can process verbal skills and numerical skills. The verbal skill test is often scenario-based, airlines use examples of what might happen while working as a cabin crew member. The test is in multiplication format and individuals will have to choose the most suitable option from the list this will indicate how a candidate might deal with a situation. The numerical skill is also assessed through a multiplication scenario-based exam. Candidates must problem-solve with examples such as converting currency or knowing how to use the 24-hour clock.

Other notable aspects that are being tested include their proficiency to analyze data. Candidates are required to read various charts and graphs, to see how well an individual can process information. The purpose of the cognitive portion is to measure how well a person can think through situations and evaluate things. The Predictive Index® as delivered by founding partner Predictive Success offers a similar structured cognitive assessment. The purpose is to provide hiring managers with a snapshot of how well a prospective candidate would learn new skills.

 The Emotional Function 

During the hiring process airlines asses candidates through various examinations. The behavioral assessment is the most important portion of the psychometric test. The assessment goes beyond understanding an individual’s aptitude or knowledge. It focuses on an individual’s personality trait and how an individual would respond to work-based scenario questions. The airlines ask questions to evaluate if a candidate would be a team player or how well they would work under pressure. The behavioral assessment is offered by the Predictive Index® as delivered by founding partner Predictive Success. The behavioral assessment tool reveals an applicant’s potential to develop it focuses on character traits such as dominance, extraversion, patience, and formality.

Airlines are one of many industries that are implementing behavioral testing to hire the right candidates. It allows them to examine how an individual goes about their work and achieves their objectives.

 Closing Thoughts

Psychometric testing is a resource that goes beyond just simply using a resume or interview to hire the right candidate. The assessment can help predict how a prospective candidate will perform. The Predictive Index® is delivered but founding partner Predictive Success provides tests as a part of a holistic approach to the application process. The assessments are vital in accurately predicting a candidate’s performance in the workplace.

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