PSC Welcomed Minister Tangri and MPP Coe

By Michaela Picones  |  

1.4 min read

On August 12, Talent Optimization Consultant Jennifer Lahey welcomed the Honourable Nina Tangri. Associate Minister of Small Business and Red Tape Reduction Member and MPP Lorne Coe to The Success Centre, the Predictive Success Headquarters. There may be those who remember the Success Centre as the old Silverwood Dairy, located in the heart of Downtown Whitby. We are proud to come from humble roots and to be part of Whitby’s innovative ecosystem.

Lahey got to share how we successfully pivoted this past year and her passion for ‘Better Work, Better World’. We are proud supporters of our local community and partner with other local businesses to ensure that they are making the most out of their people based off our talent optimization framework but “we have clients all over Canada and the U.S.,” Lahey says. “We even work with one NHL team to help them select coaches. All of our research team members are from the Durham area. We get jazzed about the pool of talent in Durham – it’s huge.” Predictive Success is a City Flow foundation member and is proud to credit the Town of Whitby for its support of the Innovation Hub. “We believe in five years there will be 30 tech companies in Whitby…we have a bunch of emerging companies that are starting to grow and have success,” says Lahey. “The reality is people are looking for work-life balance.” With the support of our local and municipal governments and through analytics, we are confident in being part of a bright future.


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