Predictive Success Attends World’s First Talent Optimization Conference – OPTIMA 2019

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Predictive Success Attends World’s First Talent Optimization Conference – OPTIMA 2019

The Talent Conference of The Year

OPTIMA 2019 has rocketed to the top of “must-attend global business conferences,” in 2019. The world’s first dedicated talent optimization conference brought together business leaders from all over the world to discuss the future role talent will play in the next generation of elite companies.

Predictive Success, an Elite Global Partner of The Predictive Index, attended the conference to learn about the new options available in the talent optimization software, and to learn about what other elite companies are doing globally to ensure they’re connecting their business and talent goals.

Our Vice-President of Atlantic Canada, David Osborne, was awarded The Predictive Index’s “Teacher of the Year,” for his incredible contributions to facilitating PI learning events across North America.

Top moments included a key-note from Billy Beane, the founder of the Moneyball strategy, and a concert from Walk The Moon.

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