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Transform a Child’s Life: Sponsorship Opportunities with Chalice

Poverty is a pervasive problem that affects communities around the world. It manifests in many forms, from inadequate access to necessities such as food and shelter to limited opportunities for education and employment. We must work to support communities that are struggling with poverty, both in Canada and across the globe. Predictive Success has been active in helping those that are less fortunate by sponsoring 10 children through the Chalice charity organization.

What is Chalice?

Chalice is a Canadian Catholic charity organization that supports children living in poverty in various countries around the world. The organization works through a child sponsorship program that connects donors with individual children in need, providing them with access to education, healthcare, and other basic needs.

Chalice also works to address systemic issues that perpetuate poverty in the communities they serve, such as through community development projects and advocacy initiatives. Chalice has been using its sponsorship program to restore hope and dignity to people living in developing countries. The organization selects children and elders for sponsorship based on their family circumstances and level of need.

Predictive Success Contribution

At Predictive Success, we believe that it is our responsibility to give back to our community and support those in need. We are proud to have made significant contributions to various charitable organizations over the years, and we remain committed to continuing our support in the future.

Through the Chalice charity organization, we have sponsored 10 children. The sponsorship focuses on ensuring each child completes their education until high school graduation. It also grants the families the capacity to build a livelihood. Through our ongoing efforts, we hope to inspire others to join us in making a difference and creating a brighter future for all.

Closing Thoughts

Supporting poor communities is not only a moral imperative but also a necessary step toward building a more just and equitable world for all. Chalice is sponsoring almost 50,000 children & elders in 13 developing countries which include: Bolivia, Chile, Ghana, Guatemala, Haiti, India, Kenya, Paraguay, Peru, Philippines, Tanzania, Ukraine & Zambia.

The sponsorship program supports children to stay in school, despite the many barriers they face. Education is the first & most important step in breaking the cycle of poverty. Though the family funding sponsorship model, parents/guardians are empowered to make financial decisions on how to best provide for their child. Chalice commits 90.2% of its spending in support of programs, which also include the Chalice Nutrition Fund which supports initiatives such as school lunches for hungry students, soup kitchens, extra vitamins & supplements for malnourished children & more. The Projects & Programs was created to build infrastructure that help community. Areas such as education, health, safe water access, livelihoods, and community development. The Urgency Fund helps families cope with crises and financial shocks, including medical emergencies, property damage from fires or natural disasters, and funerals.

For more information about the Chalice charity organization click here

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