Predictive Success Partners with Academic Institutions to Highlight the Importance of People Analytics

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The importance of community connection to provide development opportunities to young leaders is no secret. Predictive Success Managing Principal Mitch LePage, M.Ed does not take this responsibility lightly, and has spent some time with student leaders and local academic stakeholders to share how a deeper understanding of people and team dynamics can support business and hiring challenges.

Team Development with the new Arts and Science Undergraduate Society Executive Members

Mitch LePage was connected to this group of student leaders through Predictive Index Ambassador, Sean Thompson, who also happens to be the group’s governance advisor. The objective of the session was to support the group in building team cohesion through self, colleague and team awareness. Team members completed a Predictive Index Behavioural Assessment and leveraged additional materials including Relationship Guides, Team Analytics and other reports to inform the activities. The students were very engaged and responded positively and enthusiastically. Participants will receive a copy of From Hire to Inspire by our CEO, David Lahey.

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Industry Insights Event – Organized by Durham College and the Whitby Chamber of Commerce

This event was the culmination of an ongoing desire to link Durham College and area employers in a session to focus on the future of employment in Durham Region and was attended by over 100 college staff, business professionals and students. Mitch LePage participated as one of four expert panelists who brought different perspectives to this topic. Mitch’s contribution was focused on the notion that all business challenges are people challenges and that powerful analytics are available to support the business community in being more deliberate about their very most important asset, their people. The connection with Durham College (and all training institutions) was the need for both academic institutions and employers to go deeper with understanding their jobs and their people with the goal of using analytics to:

  1. Understand their employees or students coming into new jobs
  2. Understand the behaviour and complexity of the work
  3. Leveraging the data above:
    • For training institutions to develop more focused training programs to include behavioural and cognitive requirements;
    • For businesses to wrap their heads around the notion that employees are people first with individual drives and behaviours;
    • For creating work profiles to better understand the work.

Ultimately this information can be used to recruit best fit people, engage & retain employees, support team productivity and optimize leader effectiveness. At Predictive Success, we are always looking to support the local community with information and resources on how talent optimization knowledge and tools can support their business and learning objectives.

About Predictive Success

Predictive Success is an Elite Partner of The Predictive Index® has been consistently ranked in the top 10 of global partners since opening its doors in 2006. Through the Predictive Success team of experienced, professional consulting staff, we give Canadian companies the ‘edge’ to connect people to profit. We work with management teams to bring our knowledge, experience, and over a decade of partnership with The Predictive Index to work. We enable leaders with the power and the knowledge, to better motivate, lead and utilize people to the best of their ability. We have staff and local coverage in all provinces across Canada.

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