President’s Club: A Championship for our Culture Creators

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President’s Club: A Championship for our Culture Creators

At the Predictive Success Corporation, our cultural champions work hard every year to guarantee a spot at our annual President’s Club. From the beginning of our fiscal year, the managing principals have their eyes set on the prize. To our cultural champions, it is not just a company paid vacation, it is a weekend to reconnect with the team and the president after working side-by-side for a whole year. Members of the President’s club end up rejuvenated and prepared to tackle the upcoming quarters.

Cultural Champions are the people in your company that are highly engaged and top performers. These are the employees that generate 400% more productivity than an average performer

[1]. This year, Predictive Success invited David Lahey, Doug McCann, David Osborne, Eric Irwin, Martin Foster, Rob Friday and the Shared Services team to the exclusive president’s club, taking place in Nashville, Tennessee to celebrate their wins from the previous fiscal year. For a whole weekend, there was great music, free flowing drinks, and no talk of business.

Build Up the Cultural Champions

After years of generating cultural champions, we know how to inspire them to stay and continue generating success for the company. With cultural champions, management should focus on their career advancement, as well as their personal development. It is important to show them that their contributions are valued by placing a heavier emphasis on their suggestions. Ultimately, building relationships with cultural champions will lead to better results for the company.

Despite the tremendous value that these employees bring, one in five intend to leave in the next six months [2]. Such losses can be attributed to management changing the company in an undesirable way or losing sight of who these employees are.

At the Predictive Success Corporation, we spend time with our stars and enjoy every minute of it.

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