Will a New Pair of Nike’s Increase Remote Worker Morale?

By Jennifer Lahey  |  

1.7 min read

“During times of uncertainty and high stress, it’s helpful to remember that you’re not alone in how you feel. Leaders play a key role in helping to guide and support their employees in a kind and compassionate way.” Headspace 

COVID-19 has taken a toll on employees and the workforce across the globe. Here’s how we at Predictive Success are leading our staff with empathy and compassion.

Promoting mental and physical health has been at the forefront of conversations across our team, particularly for our managing principals who work remotely and are situated all across Canada. When COVID hit, Predictive Success had to pivot quickly to providing our services online and virtually rather than in-person, which is how we are used to delivering all of our workshops and training. To promote physical health, we gifted each of our employees a custom pair of Nike running shoes in Predictive Success colours to encourage all to take advantage of the fresh air and take time for their mental and physical health.


In addition to this, we at Predictive Success have found creative ways to connect and share the social side of ourselves even though we might not be able to be together for the time being. We host a weekly coffee chat with our team to connect on non-work related things, last week we hosted a virtual baby shower for one of our employees and will be hosting a virtual Christmas party later this year where every employee will get an UberEats card to get a meal sent to their home. Events like so remind your team that they are still a part of a team, even though we may not be together in person. They allow your team to have fun, connect, and engage with one another! Above all, COVID-19 has served as a reminder to demonstrate a compassionate, human-centered approach to leadership and business. 

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