Rob Friday’s New Book, “Talent Optimizer,” Reaches #1 on Amazon Books.

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Rob Friday’s New Book, “Talent Optimizer,” Reaches #1 on Amazon Books.

Managing Principal at Predictive Success, Rob Friday, released his new book, “Talent Optimizer,” last week. The book, a roadmap for international managers on using talent to become an elite team, skyrocketed to #1 on the Amazon Occupational & Organizational Phychology list, and #6 on the Workplace bestseller list.

Unlike many management books, Talent Optimizer doesn’t just provide theoretical methods to become a better manager, the book gives actionable insights into becoming a boss who manages talent to become an elite team, not just manage talent.

Reviews of the book have been coming in fast since the launch:

“This is an incredible read for so many reasons. Whether you are building a team, increasing engagement, or even trying to be a better leader yourself, this book delivers so most value through its perfect blend of proven methodologies, relatable anecdotes and substantiated data. Rob is not only passionate about the topic, but he backs his methods with incredible experience.”

“Incredibly insightful for building a winning team. There are so many strategies that truly help find and keep great people. Rob Friday has distilled incredible insight into building a superstar team of top performers in any vertical or industry. Must-read for anybody who’s ever hired anybody, ever.”

“This book has completely re-framed what I saw as the most important part of my business. After gaining awareness about the importance of the “people” aspect of the business, I now see where the limitations in our growth have stemmed from and now have the tools to move past these limitations.”

 To get a copy of what is quickly becoming a managerial must-read, visit here:



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