The 4 Steps to Make Hiring a More Efficient Process

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The past two years of the pandemic have destabilized many established workforce systems. The traditional structure of a nine-to-five in an office setting has gone out the window. The pandemic has allowed employees to develop new working habits and foster new expectations of their ideal jobs. Hiring managers are now fighting a war to find good talent in a post-pandemic period. Gone are the days when employees would grind away at one job, working their way up the ladder. Now individuals are willing to pursue employment opportunities elsewhere if they are not satisfied with their current employer.

The workplace has evolved but most companies have struggled to keep up with all the changes. People are now motivated by choices in the workplace. The main driver behind the ‘Quiet Quitting’ phenomenon has been the effects of burnout and disengagement from employees. Our approach to work as a society has evolved creating new challenges for hiring managers. The best way to tackle these new changes is to evolve as companies. Here are 4 ways to make hiring a more efficient process in your organization:


1) Generate a People-First Approach with your Business

The people-first approach is a business strategy that advocates for business decisions based on the best interest of the employees at a strategic level. The goal of the people-first approach is to create a desirable working environment and fill the needs of the employees. Companies are encouraged to align business and talent strategies to make the right hiring decisions.

The people-first approach is also beneficial for retaining existing employees. The Predictive Index ® as delivered by Founding Partner, Predictive Success offers a Diagnose module that helps determine areas of business suffering from poor engagement. The module can help companies examine the needs of the employees and shape business strategies around that.

2) Give Details (Take Time to Write a Job Description)

The safest way to ensure hiring the perfect individual for the role is to take the time to write a comprehensive job description. The job description should be written to attract the top candidates for the job. As a recruiting manager providing the right details is essential to attract top talent, you want to make the potential candidate feel like the job was made for them. When giving the details you want to make it straightforward and highlight the role in a way that allows the top candidates to see themselves as the perfect fit.

The Predictive Index ® as delivered by Founding Partner, Predictive Success offers a Hire module that HR recruiters can use to construct job targets and job reports that highlight the main summary of the position. The software-generated report will give hiring managers an outline of the position with details that can be copied directly into the job postings. The generated reports are a vital tool in attracting the right candidates for HR recruiters.

3) Examine your Employee Brand

When hiring it’s important to remember that the potential candidate is not the only ones that are being reviewed. Candidates tend to review a company’s brand before committing to work there. The brand matters, before creating a job posting it’s recommended that businesses audit their online presence. To attract top talent, you need to make sure those individuals are drawn to the business. The employer brand should be an accurate representation of the business.

4) Create a People-First Interview Process

The interview process should be a straightforward experience for the candidate. From the time of scheduling the interview to conduct it, maximizing efficiency would make a better experience for the candidate as well as the hiring manager. This means employers should not take a month or two to conduct three or more rounds of interviews. This approach can risk losing the top candidates for the role. When the wait time is long some candidates will likely remove themselves from the hiring process.

To conduct the most efficient interviews it’s important to ask the right questions. The Interview Guide is one of the many tools offered in the Predictive Index ® as delivered by Founding Partner, Predictive Success. The tool can help interviewers by suggesting questions generated by comparing the candidate’s behavioral pattern with the job target. The software offers a wide range of tools for recruiters to help with the interview process.

Closing Thoughts

The pressure of making the right hire can get overwhelming for an HR recruiter. The process to recruit the right candidate and retain employees in a hot job market is not as straightforward as one would imagine. Using the 4 steps can help improve the current challenges many recruiters are facing to make hiring a more efficient process.

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