The Importance of Local CSR for SMEs

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The Importance of Local CSR for SMEs

Supporting community; a feedback loop of benefits.

Possibly one of the greatest upticks in business culture over the last few decades has been the increased focus on CSR. With good reason, companies have increasingly seen the need to give back to social causes. 91% of consumers now expect the companies they buy from to have a charitable cause.[1]

More often than not, large companies support causes attached to their business industry. Ben and Jerry’s, whose ice cream is focused on sustainability, contributes to campaigns focusing on global warming. Toms, a shoe company, developed a “One for One Campaign,” that provides shoes to children in developing nations. Warby Parker, a glasses company, does the same for adults who need eyeglasses in similar areas.

For SMEs, choosing a CSR initiative is just as important. These companies have a unique space in the marketplace that allows them to build and support their local community. These community-focused CSR programs have a direct impact on the community the employees live in, and works to embed the company’s culture in the community. The effect is a circle of benefits for all in the loop.

Take 360 Insights, a channel incentives company in Whitby, Canada. One of their, (many), CSR programs focuses on donating refurbished computers to Durham-area elementary schools. This program directly supports education in their region, and contributes to the growth of Durham business, directly affecting the talent pool and innovation capabilities of the area. This in turn strengthens the innovation capabilities of all Durham businesses in the long run.

The 360 Insights Team

At Predictive Success, we focus on a variety of CSR initiatives that support three main areas: Supporting our local community through fundraising and volunteering, donating to local non-profits, and partnering with organizations that focus on health, research, and education.

The Predictive Success team during our annual trip to St. Vincent’s Soup Kitchen.

Through annual holiday traditions like our turkey-donations and soup-kitchen volunteering days, as well as our annual initiatives like the Finlayson Hospitality McHappy Day, we focus on charities and programs that benefit those in our Whitby community.

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[1] “The Rise of Corporate Social Responsibility.” Brodoto. Accessed December 6, 2019.


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