Workforce Differentiators: Connected Leaders

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Often, it is difficult to determine why we connect with the people that we do; however, connections are undeniable once established. As discussed in a previous blog found here, warmth is usually that je ne said quoi that inevitably results in our valuing of the best workplace leaders. Once warmth is sensed and trust is build, this trait “increases information sharing, openness, fluidity, and cooperation” (Cuddy et. al 2013).

What these warm leaders facilitate is a connected workforce. By engaging with employees and naturally making them feel valued and comforted, dynamic leaders are able to build a strong connection between individual workers and even entire teams. On the other hand, disconnected leaders can be likened to captains of the Titanic (Rockwell, 2017). Isolation can be used as a crutch used to make bosses feel comfortable; however, it can sink a leader or an entire organization.

How to Become More Connected 

Although connections may be instant, if they haven’t been established there are some methods that could cultivate one. Dan Rockwell suggests walkabouts: simply wandering around your office. By walking around your office and conversing with employees you have limited interactions with, you have the chance to learn and gain valuable feedback. Setting a goal for your walkabout (e.g. learning from a failure, or gaining insight on a new idea) ensures that you are gaining value, while your interest in the opinions of your employees is projected.

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