Congratulations to our 2022 Advanced PI Practitioner Graduates – Predictive Success Academy

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The Predictive Success Corporation team would like to thank all the graduates for attending PSC Academy’s PI 2.0 Advanced Learning Sessions. PI 2.0 Advanced Learning is a great tool to heighten your learning and become a PI genius, complimentary for all Trained PI Analysts.

Thank you and a special congratulations to the following participants for completing and showing wonderful engagement and participation at all three of PSC Academy’s PI 2.0 Advanced Learning Sessions:

  • Brian D. Shelton, Calix Inc.
  • David Kash, Inxpress Canada
  • John Stevens, Camilla Advisor Group Inc.
  • Kelven Wong 1-800-GOT-JUNK?
  • Kerry Sinclair, Responsive Group Inc.
  • Lindsey Burkhart, Rhodes Branding
  • Martha Dunec, Integricon
  • Natalie Hoernig, SICK Ltd.
  • Matt Jaeger, Fabick CAT

A special congratulations to Matt Jaeger for winning the $800 Amazon Gift Card draw to celebrate our 800th client earlier this year.

To register for the Drive Results with Talent Workshop with PSC Academy, or if you are a Trained PI Analyst looking to attend the PI 2.0 Sessions, click here.

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