Employee Engagement Crucial for Success

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In an ever-changing workforce that is becoming more and more populated by a younger generation, the overall employee experience has become much more important. Recruits, and currently established members of the workforce, have now come to expect a complete end to end holistic experience, which allows them to balance their work life and casual life in a healthy and manageable way. It is alarming then that only 23% of employers, according to a recent 2017 Deloitte study1, believe they excel in this area. Overall, Deloitte’s Global Human Capital Trends research has illustrated that there has been a 14% drop over the last year in company’s ability to address challenges associated with engagement, culture, and the complete working experience2. Considering that employee experience and morale factor greatly into overall productivity and efficiency, these are pressing concerns. Creating a strong foundation and reputation will allow you to draw and retain top talent in an increasingly competitive landscape.

Luckily, there are strategies that can be implemented into any businesses framework that will allow a company to begin to confront these lingering engagement and overall morale issues. First, you can start by putting a much higher precedent on these topics in your organization by establishing them as high priority responsibilities for HR, and other team leaders, and making sure they have the resources to carry out plans and objectives to stimulate employee experience. A great way to measure employee engagement is by engagement and pulse surveys, which are administered to gain data on the general feeling and outlook of a company’s employees regarding policy changes, current workplace rules and protocols, and management practices. Customizable surveys allow you to focus on issues that you feel are prevalent in your own organization by creating your own questions, and provide you the ability to administer the surveys as frequently as you see fit. Pulse surveys are effective in gaining insight on smaller decisions as they can be as concise as 1 -2 questions.

At Predictive Success, certified partner of the Predictive Index Behavioural Assessment, we have recently released a new product called the Engagement Index. This tool is fully customizable and therefore allows you to concentrate on the subjects important to your organization and business. This tool, along with the helpful consultation from our certified managing principals, will allow you to begin to transform the culture surrounding your organization, and ensure that you are creating an exceptional employee experience, from Require-Hire-Inspire.

To learn more about the engagement index click here, or to view how all our workforce analytics can help you make better people decisions, click here.

For all other information, you can visit our website www.predictivesuccess.com

Source: Deloitte University Press, Deloitte Human Capital Trends: Rewriting the rules for the digital age, 2017

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