Behavioural Clarity to Help Your Organization Take Flight

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When the Wright Bros. set out to achieve their goal of flight, they knew exactly what was required to give them the best chance at success. Therefore, they chose Kitty Hawk beach as the testing ground for their airplanes. The constant heavy winds at Kitty Hawk proved perfect conditions for launching their craft. Like the Wright Bros., you need to determine what will give you the best chance at success, and then use the tools at your disposal to put you in the best position to do so.

Discover Your Business’ Optimal ConditionsBehavioural Assessment Help Organization Take Flight

In business, forming a strong team is one of the most important components in the framework of an effective organization. Just like the Wright Bros. understanding of the best conditions for flight, organizations must strive to discover their optimal conditions for profit maximization. The alarming aspect is that many organizations have fallen behind the times in terms of best practices to build and develop strong individuals and teams. Resumes, cover letters, and interviews are not adequate in determining the fit for a prospective employee to a certain position. This leads to many mis-hires that result in turnover, costing you money and friction throughout your organization. To get a true understanding of the workplace behaviours of an individual, you should rely on workforce assessments. These assessments provide an in-depth view into the natural behaviours and tendencies of individuals, which will allow you to determine whether their behavioural style matches a position. This advanced information will decrease the chance of mis-hires, and will help your organization to operate optimally.

The Predictive Index Behavioural Assessment™, provided by certified partner Predictive Success, is a 2 question, 5-7 minute free choice assessment that measures an individual’s core drives and behaviours along four factors. Based on how each individual score on these factors, you can understand the types of tasks and responsibilities that will come easily or naturally to them, and which will be difficult to adapt to.

Once you’ve established the characteristics necessary for success in a certain job or role, this assessment gives you the best chance of finding the individual who possesses these qualities, and provides you the confidence that you are allowing your group the highest chance of reaching both your goals, and full potential.  Follow the precedent that the Wright Bros. set, and allow behavioural clarity to be the wind under your organization’s wings.

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