Leadership Transition Program

The Leadership Pipeline™

The transition from successful individual contributor to successful leader takes more than acquiring leadership skills. Each successive leadership role requires a shift in mind set and a fundamental shift in how the leader leads.

Evaluate, Benchmark, Appraise

The Leadership Performance Index™ is an online feedback system that combines self-evaluations with views from direct manager(s) and direct reports to evaluate performance as a leader. This benchmark measure is essential in the creation of a dual performance appraisal system. Seamlessly integrated into the Leadership Transition Program™ modules, the Leadership Performance Index is used to provide personalized improvement reports before and after LTP that can easily be translated into action.

What is the Leadership Transition Program™ (LTP)?

  • LTP is delivered as a 4 day compelling and assertive workshop to ensure that the messages drive action.
  • Separate courses designed for each level of leadership
  • Includes (2) 360° reviews for each participant (1 prior to course, 1 six months after course)
  • LTP provides valuable insight that changes and builds on what your leaders know in ways they couldn’t have discovered on their own.
Leadership Transition Program Brochure

Components of the Leadership Pipeline™