The Power of Data Driven Recruitment

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The Predictive Index® is a valuable tool that maximizes talent management practices. This platform, delivered by founding partner Predictive Success Corporation, offers crucial insights into employee preferences and behaviours, helping organizations to optimize their talent management practices.

What is Psychometric Testing?

Psychometric testing is a form of assessment that uses standardized methods to measure an individual’s psychological attributes. The Predictive Index® as delivered by founding partner Predictive Success reveals insight into a person’s needs and motivations. Through analysis of needs and motivations, a person’s behaviour can be predicted. Psychometric testing provides objective and reliable data about an individual’s mental and emotional capabilities. Predictive Success offers assessments that provide specific detail on this.

  • Our behavioural assessment provides in-depth information concerning a person’s needs for dominance, extraversion, patience, and formality, and places them in one of seventeen reference profiles.
  • Our cognitive assessment provides clarification into how quickly one can process and learn new information.

Ensuring management and employees have a firm understanding of behavioural and cognitive profiles is a catalyst for success. Success is represented by high employee engagement, low turnover, and high productivity. Such an understanding will help employees discover their preferred communication styles and will help leaders lead at an individual level because nobody learns the same.

What Are the Benefits of Data-Driven Hiring?

Psychometric testing makes finding the most qualified candidates simple. The Predictive Index® as delivered by founding partner Predictive Success generates an objective list of candidates.

First, you describe a job’s behavioural and cognitive requirements using our job target module. In this module, you determine the desired characteristics. You can have appropriate stakeholders add their input as well. The job target module will compile these responses and create an ideal target for attributes you should look for in candidates.

Second, based on the received behavioral and cognitive assessments, the system will automatically match you with the best-fit candidates. Candidates are arranged based on their job fit score – a metric that signifies how closely a candidate’s results match with the job – which ranges from 1 to 10, the higher the better.

The ability to get qualified candidates with a few clicks beats sifting through thousands of applications. In addition, psychometric testing helps to reduce bias. Unfortunately, the recruitment process is impacted by unconscious bias. A benefit of psychometric testing is increased objectivity because the focus is on a candidate’s skill rather than their background or education history.

Having a better understanding of the hiring and managing process is considerably profitable for organizations. After all, human capital is one of the most volatile assets in an organization. Especially in times when emerging generational cohorts are displaying less organizational commitment. Organizations should be deeply invested in how to best manage and optimize their talent.  The Predictive Index® as delivered by founding partner Predictive Success makes hiring faster, more efficient, and more accurate, ultimately benefitting your bottom line.

Closing Thoughts

Predictive Success provides leaders with the tools to enhance workforce performance by using established talent management methodologies, team-building technology that fosters high performance and analyzed data on employees or potential candidates. The Predictive Index® as delivered by founding partner Predictive Success is a form of psychometric testing that grants a plethora of benefits for businesses, a few being decreasing hiring times and reducing the likelihood of turnover.

About Predictive Success

Predictive Success empowers leaders to optimize workforce performance through proven talent management methodologies, high-performing team-building technology and collected employee or potential candidate data. To learn more about how you can work with our team, please contact us today.

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